Cometary Science Newsletter Issue Archive

  • June 2024, Issue 110
    Change in Cometary Science Newsletter Content Policy
  • May 2024, Issue 109
    Exploring the links between comets and protoplanetary disks • Conference on Planetary Science and Space Exploration • Pre-perihelion observations of long-period comet C/2013 X1 (PANSTARRS) • A link between the size and composition of comets
  • April 2024, Issue 108
    No items this month.
  • March 2024, Issue 107
    ESA Archival Research Visitor Programme • Ultraviolet and Infrared Luminescence of Near-Earth Objects • An updated fluorescence emission model of CO+ for cometary science • Serendipitous Archival Observations of a New Ultradistant Comet C/2019 E3 (ATLAS)
  • January 2024, Issue 106
    Keck Near-infrared Observations of Comet 67P/ Churyumov–Gerasimenko in 2021 • Pits on Jupiter-family Comets and the Age of Cometary Surfaces
  • December 2023, Issue 105
    First Detection of CO2 Emission in a Centaur: JWST NIRSpec Observations of 39P/Oterma • On the extremely low polarization in Comet C/2023 P1 (Nishimura) • Comet C/2023 P1 (Nishimura) can cast light on the physical mechanism of low Pmax in comets
  • November 2023, Issue 104
    Long-lasting activity of asteroid (248370) 2005 QN173 • Palomar discovery and initial characterization of naked-eye long-period comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) • The Wagging Plasma Tail of Comet C/2020 S3 (Erasmus)
  • October 2023, Issue 103
    Origin and trends in NH4+ observed in the coma of 67P • The activity of 119 comets • An ESO workshop on planning follow up for transients, variables, and solar system objects in the era of LSST • ESA archival research visitor programme
  • September 2023, Issue 102
    ESA Research Fellowships in Space Science • Low NH3/H2O ratio in comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) at 0.7 au from the Sun • Gas Sources from the Coma and Nucleus of Comet 46P/Wirtanen Observed Using ALMA • Cometary dust collected by MIDAS on board Rosetta. II. Particle shape descriptors and pristineness evaluation
  • August 2023, Issue 101
    A photometric study of centaurs 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann and (2060) Chiron • Photometric BVR observations of comet C/2012 J1 (Catalina) before and after perihelion • Splitting of Long-period Comet C/2018 F4 (PANSTARRS)
  • July 2023, Issue 100
    No items this month.
  • June 2023, Issue 99
    Coma environment of comet C/2017 K2 around the water ice sublimation boundary observed with VLT/MUSE • Spectroscopic identification of water from a main-belt comet
  • May 2023, Issue 98
    Sodium Brightening of (3200) Phaethon near Perihelion
  • April 2023, Issue 97
    Observational Characterization of Main-Belt Comet and Candidate Main-Belt Comet Nuclei • Evolution of pits at the surface of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko • Cometary dust collected by MIDAS on board Rosetta. I. Dust particle catalog and statistics
  • March 2023, Issue 96
    Postdoctoral Research Opportunity on Small Bodies • ESA Archival Research Visitor Programme • On Averaging Eccentric Orbits: Implications for the Long-term Thermal Evolution of Comets • The Gateway from Centaurs to Jupiter-family Comets: Thermal and Dynamical Evolution • Fragment Dynamics in Active Asteroid 331P/Gibbs • Comet 108P/Ciffreo: The Blob • Perihelion Activity of (3200) Phaethon is Not Dusty: Evidence from STEREO/COR2 Observations
  • February 2023, Issue 95
    Active small bodies in the Solar System over a wide range of heliocentric distances • Disintegration of Long-Period Comet C/2021 A1 (Leonard) • Strongly Depleted Methanol and Hypervolatiles in Comet C/2021 A1 (Leonard): Signatures of Interstellar Chemistry?
  • January 2023, Issue 94
    Observations of a dust tail gap in comet C/2014 Q1 (PanSTARRS) • Microphysics of dust in a distant comet C/2017 K2 (PanSTARRS) retrieved by means of polarimetry
  • December 2022, Issue 93
    Comet Community Chat • Thermal Alteration and Differential Sublimation Can Create Phaethon's Rock Comet Activity and Blue Color • 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 1: A Rosetta Stone for Amorphous Water Ice and CO <-> CO2 Conversion in Centaurs and Comets? • C/2020 S3 (Erasmus): Comet with a presumably transient maximum of linear polarization Pmax • Color variations of comet 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 1 in 2018
  • November 2022, Issue 92
    Asteroid (3200) Phaethon: results of polarimetric, photometric, and spectral observations • On the dust of tailless Oort-cloud comet C/2020 T2 (Palomar)
  • October 2022, Issue 91
    ESA Archival Research Visitor Programme • Amorphous ice in comets: evidence and consequences • A Survey of CO, CO2, and H2O in Comets and Centaurs
  • September 2022, Issue 90
    Destruction of Long-Period Comets • Identification and characterization of a new ensemble of cometary organic molecules
  • August 2022, Issue 89
    A Look at Outbursts of Comet C/2014 UN271 (Bernardinelli–Bernstein) near 20 au
  • July 2022, Issue 88
    Cometary Activity beyond the Planets • Dust Evolution in the Coma of Distant, Inbound Comet C/2017 K2 (PANSTARRS) • Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Active Asteroid P/2020 O1 (Lemmon-PANSTARRS)
  • June 2022, Issue 87
    Optical observations and dust modelling of comet 156P/Russell-LINEAR • The Lingering Death of Periodic Near-Sun Comet 323P/SOHO • Hubble Space Telescope Detection of the Nucleus of Comet C/2014 UN271 (Bernardinelli–Bernstein) • On the dust production of active asteroid (3200) Phaethon in 2009: What the DESTINY+ spaceprobe could encounter
  • May 2022, Issue 86
    A SUBLIME 3D Model for Cometary Coma Emission: the Hypervolatile-Rich Comet C/2016 R2 (PanSTARRS) • Thermal Processing of Jupiter-family Comets during Their Chaotic Orbital Evolution
  • April 2022, Issue 85
    Size and albedo of the largest detected Oort-cloud object: Comet C/2014 UN271 (Bernardinelli-Bernstein)
  • March 2022, Issue 84
    Repeating Gas Ejection Events from Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova • Radial Distribution of the Dust Comae of Comets 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova and 46P/Wirtanen • Pro-AM Comet Community (Hybrid) Workshop • ESA Archival Research Visitor Programme
  • February 2022, Issue 83
    Postdoctoral Research Associate in Planetary Science • PDS Small Bodies Node Ice Sublimation Tools • Volatile Abundances, Extended Coma Sources, and Nucleus Ice Associations in Comet C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy)
  • January 2022, Issue 82
    Comet fragmentation as a source of the zodiacal cloud
  • December 2021, Issue 81
    Variable X-Ray Emission of Comet 46P/Wirtanen • Atomic Iron and Nickel in the Coma of C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake): Production Rates, Emission Mechanisms, and Possible Parents • Early Activity in Comet C/2014 UN271 Bernardinelli–Bernstein as Observed by TESS
  • November 2021, Issue 80
    Physical Characterization of Main-Belt Comet (248370) 2005 QN173 • VLT spectropolarimetry of comet 67P: Dust environment around the end of its intense Southern summer • Some physical properties of a new Jupiter-family comet P/2019 LD2 (ATLAS) from broadband observations • Leveraging the ALMA Atacama Compact Array for Cometary Science: An Interferometric Survey of Comet C/2015 ER61 (PanSTARRS) and Evidence for a Distributed Source of Carbon Monosulfide • Spitzer Space Telescope Spectroscopy of Comets
  • October 2021, Issue 79
    ESA Archival Research Visitor Programme • Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Study of Solar System Small Bodies • Observing campaign for 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 1 • Photometry and long-slit spectroscopy of the split comet C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS)
  • September 2021, Issue 78
    ESA Research Fellowships in Space Science • Graduate-level position in Cometary Radiative Transfer Modeling • Nondetection of Water-ice Grains in the Coma of Comet 46P/Wirtanen and Implications for Hyperactivity
  • August 2021, Issue 77
    Preview of Comet C/2021 A1 (Leonard) and Its Encounter with Venus
  • July 2021, Issue 76
    Neutral–neutral synthesis of organic molecules in cometary comae
  • June 2021, Issue 75
    Six Outbursts of Comet 46P/Wirtanen • All Comets are Somewhat Hyperactive and the Implications Thereof • Discovery of Carbon Monoxide in Distant Comet C/2017 K2 (PANSTARRS) • Monitoring the negative polarization in Comet 29P/Schwassmann–Wachmann during quiescence • Observations of distant comet C/2011 KP36 (Spacewatch): Photometry, spectroscopy, and polarimetry • An Update of the Correlation between Polarimetric and Thermal Properties of Cometary Dust
  • May 2021, Issue 74
    Systematics and Consequences of Comet Nucleus Outgassing Torques • Initial Characterization of Active Transitioning Centaur, P/2019 LD2 (ATLAS), Using Hubble, Spitzer, ZTF, Keck, Apache Point Observatory, and GROWTH Visible and Infrared Imaging and Spectroscopy • Time-series and Phase-curve Photometry of the Episodically Active Asteroid (6478) Gault in a Quiescent State Using APO, GROWTH, P200, and ZTF
  • April 2021, Issue 73
    Europlanet funding for Workshops and for (Remote) Observations with the Europlanet Telescope Network • Comets postdoc position at the University of Edinburgh • Cometary Activity Begins at Kuiper Belt Distances: Evidence from C/2017 K2 • First Comet Observations with NIRSPEC-2 at Keck: Outgassing Sources of Parent Volatiles and Abundances Based on Alternative Taxonomic Compositional Baselines in 46P/Wirtanen • Rapidly Varying Anisotropic Methanol (CH3OH) Production in the Inner Coma of Comet 46P/Wirtanen as Revealed by the ALMA Atacama Compact Array • The Volatile Composition of the Inner Coma of Comet 46P/Wirtanen: Coordinated Observations Using iSHELL at the NASA-IRTF and Keck/NIRSPEC-2 • Tails: Chasing Comets with the Zwicky Transient Facility and Deep Learning • The Visual Lightcurve of Comet C/1995 O1 (Hale–Bopp) from 1995 to 1999 • Narrowband Observations of Comet 46P/Wirtanen During its Exceptional Apparition of 2018/19 II: Photometry, Jet Morphology, and Modeling Results • Quantifying the Hypervolatile Abundances in Jupiter-Family Comet 46P/Wirtanen
  • March 2021, Issue 72
    Research opportunities in cosmic dust/heliosphere science, Switzerland • ESA Archival Research Visitor Programme • The Formation of Bilobate Comet Shapes through Sublimative Torques • Testing Short-term Variability and Sampling of Primary Volatiles in Comet 46P/ Wirtanen • Carbonyl Sulfide (OCS): Detections in comets C/2002 T7 (LINEAR), C/2015 ER61 (PanSTARRS), and 21P/Giacobini–Zinner and stringent upper-limits in 46P/Wirtanen
  • February 2021, Issue 71
    Postdoctoral Research Associate in Planetary Sciences • A'Hearn Symposium papers • Postdoctoral Researcher in Solar System Science • Summary of Comet Narrowband Filter Discussion • Organic Matter in Cometary Environments
  • January 2021, Issue 70
    PhD and Postdoc position in comet/asteroid science at the TU Braunschweig (Germany) • Interplanetary Nanodust as a Final Stage of Evolution of the Solid Substance of Small Bodies of the Solar System • Modelling heterogeneous dust particles. An application to cometary polarization • P/2019 LD2 (ATLAS): An Active Centaur in Imminent Transition to the Jupiter Family
  • December 2020, Issue 69
    P/2019 LD2 Observing Campaign Coordination • Study of the physical properties of selected active objects in the main belt and surrounding regions by broadband photometry
  • November 2020, Issue 68
    Round-table discussion of comet narrowband filters • Outbursting Quasi-Hilda Asteroid P/2010 H2 (Vales) • Component properties and mutual orbit of binary main-belt comet 288P/(300163) 2006 VW139
  • October 2020, Issue 67
    JWST Cycle 1 GTO Comet Update: 116P/Wild 4 and 238P/Read • Resolving color differences of comet 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kres\xE1k
  • September 2020, Issue 66
    Observations of Disintegrating Long-period Comet C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS): A Sibling of C/1844 Y1 (Great Comet) • Physical Characterization of Interstellar Comet 2I/2019 Q4 (Borisov) • The Transient Jupiter Trojan-Like Orbit of P/2019 LD2 (ATLAS) • Monitoring polarization in comet 46P/Wirtanen
  • August 2020, Issue 65
    Photometry and high-resolution spectroscopy of comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner during its 2018 apparition • Broadband photometry of asteroid 6478 Gault: activity and morphology • Evolution of orbits about comets with arbitrary comae
  • July 2020, Issue 64
    Postdoc position: scientific data analysis on a MIDAS/Rosetta project • Editorial Team and SOC Announced for New Comets III Volume • Outburst and Splitting of Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov • Hubble Space Telescope Search for Activity in High-perihelion Objects • Activity of (6478) Gault during January 13 – March 28, 2019 • Absolute magnitude of small cosmic dust particles • On the small contribution of supermicron dust particles to light scattering by comets • Revisiting the particle-size constraint of the 10-μm silicate feature • Polarization of disintegrating Comet C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS)
  • June 2020, Issue 63
    Ionic emissions in comet C/2016 R2 (Pan-STARRS) • Recurrent Cometary Activity in Near-Earth Object (3552) Don Quixote • Systematic Characterization of and Search for Activity in Potentially Active Asteroids • Small Bodies of the Solar System Active at Large Heliocentric Distances: Studies with the 6-Meter Telescope of SAO RAS • Coma Anisotropy and the Rotation Pole of Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov
  • May 2020, Issue 62
    PSJ Focus Issue for the A'Hearn Symposium • Unusually High CO Abundance of the First Active Interstellar Comet • The carbon monoxide-rich interstellar comet 2I/Borisov • Water Production Rates and Activity of Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov
  • April 2020, Issue 61
    Potential Themis Family Asteroid Contribution to the Jupiter-Family Comet Population • CO Gas and Dust Outbursts from Centaur 29P/Schwassmann–Wachmann
  • March 2020, Issue 60
    Potential Backup Targets for Comet Interceptor • Conference: Comet-like Activity of Small Bodies in the Solar System
  • February 2020, Issue 59
    Post-doc position in asteroid/comet science • Comet 2I/Borisov Observing Campaign • The 13th Meeting on Cosmic Dust • Spitzer Space Telescope observations of bilobate comet 8P/Tuttle • Detection of a Water Tracer in Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov • The Hypervolatiles CO, CH4, and C2H6 in the Jupiter-family Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner • Post-perihelion volatile production and release from Jupiter-family comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdušáková • Phosphorus-bearing molecules: the interstellar thread between star-forming regions and comets • A close look at COSIMA/Rosetta’s data on dust in comet 67P/ Churyumov-Gerasimenko
  • January 2020, Issue 58
    New Insights into Interstellar Object 1I/2017 U1 (ʻOumuamua) from SOHO/STEREO Nondetections • The Nucleus of Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov • Pre-discovery Activity of New Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov Beyond 5 AU
  • December 2019, Issue 57
    Analysis of HST WFPC2 Observations of Centaur 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 1 while in Outburst to Place Constraints on the Nucleus's Rotation State • Comet 240P/NEAT is Stirring • Diagnostics of Collisions between Electrons and Water Molecules in Near-ultraviolet and Visible Wavelengths • First Results from TESS Observations of Comet 46P/Wirtanen • Initial Characterization of Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov
  • November 2019, Issue 56
    29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 1, A Centaur in the Gateway to the Jupiter-family Comets • The contribution of Centaur-emitted dust to the interplanetary dust distribution • Comet 66P/du Toit: Not a near-Earth main belt comet • Extremely low linear polarization of comet C/2018 V1 (Machholz–Fujikawa–Iwamoto) • Imaging Polarimetry and Photometry of Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner
  • October 2019, Issue 55
    Conference: Astrochemical Complexity in Planetary systems • Comet Note: Microphysics of Dust in the Interstellar Comet C/2019 Q4 (Borisov) • Disintegrating In-Bound Long-Period Comet C/2019 J2 • Cometary Compositions Compared with Protoplanetary Disk Midplane Chemical Evolution
  • September 2019, Issue 54
    Faculty and postdoctoral positions at NISER, India • LSST Town Hall/Workshop at the EPSC-DPS Meeting • Outbursts at comets 46P/Wirtanen, 64P/Swift-Gerhels, and 78P/Gehrels 2
  • August 2019, Issue 53
    Rosetta SWT Workshop • The natural history of ‘Oumuamua • The Peculiar Volatile Composition of CO-Dominated Comet C/2016 R2 (PanSTARRS) • sbpy: A Python module for small-body planetary astronomy
  • July 2019, Issue 52
    ESA Research Fellowships in Space Science • ESA Selects Comet Interceptor • Postdoctoral Research Associate in Planetary Sciences • Update: New Cometary Insights from the Close Approach of 46P/Wirtanen: A Symposium in Celebration of Mike A'Hearn • PhD Dissertation: Optical Spectroscopic Studies of Minor Bodies of the Solar System • Time and Phase Resolved Optical Spectra of Potentially Hazardous Asteroid 2014 JO25
  • June 2019, Issue 51
    Properties of the Bare Nucleus of Comet 96P/Machholz 1 • Announcement of an archive splinter session on Rosetta data at AOGS • New Cometary Insights from the Close Approach of 46P/Wirtanen: A Symposium in Celebration of Mike A'Hearn
  • May 2019, Issue 50
    Post-doctoral fellowship in studies of minor planets at QUB • Final Rosetta science working team meeting and workshop • LSST Solar System readiness sprint • C/2010 U3 (Boattini): A Bizarre Comet Active at Record Heliocentric Distance • Morphology as a tracer of tensile strength and application to dust collection by the Rosetta spacecraft • Stellar Occultation by Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko Observed with Rosetta's Alice Far-ultraviolet Spectrograph
  • April 2019, Issue 49
    New Cometary Insights from the Close Approach of 46P/Wirtanen: A Symposium in Celebration of Mike A'Hearn • A Software Roadmap for Solar System Science with the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
  • March 2019, Issue 48
    Comet Interceptor mission proposal: Call for support • 174P/Echeclus and Its Blue Coma Observed Post-outburst • Charge-Exchange Emission from Hydrogen-Like Carbon Ions Colliding With Water Molecules • Organic Molecules in the Icy Bodies of Planetary Systems • Photoluminescence and Cathodoluminescence of the Solid Cometary Substance
  • February 2019, Issue 47
    Simulating cometary spectra with the Planetary Spectrum Generator • Europlanet cometary plasma science workshop • The discus comet: C/2014 B1 (Schwartz) • Spectroscopy of comets using the ISIS spectrograph on the WHT • The HCN/H13CN ratio in C/2012 S1 (ISON) • Gas jet morphology and rotation period of comet 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak
  • January 2019, Issue 46
    Centaur Exploration Workshop • ABSCICON 2019 Session: Have Comet, Will Travel! • Monitoring the activity and composition of comets 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak and 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova • Reactive collision of electrons with CO+ in cometary coma • Active asteroid P/2017 S5 (ATLAS)
  • December 2018, Issue 45
    Models of Rosetta/OSIRIS 67P dust coma phase function • Analysis of striae in Comet C/2006 P1 (McNaught) through temporal mapping • Comet C/2013 V5 (Oukaimeden) heterogenous coma and depleted in organic volatiles • Primary volatiles in comet 2P/Encke over two apparitions and implications • Photometric study of comet C/2014 S2 (PanSTARRS) • Distant comet C/2017 K2 (PanSTARRS) and surface cohesion
  • November 2018, Issue 44
    PhD position in Cometary Science in Goettingen
  • October 2018, Issue 43
    Postdoctoral position in cometary science/astrochemistry • Postdoctoral position in cometary atmospheres • The extraordinary composition of the blue comet C/2016 R2 (PanSTARRS)
  • September 2018, Issue 42
    LSST Solar System Workshop at DPS • Two hyperbolic baldhead comets • Reliability of the cometary nucleus-extraction technique • Coma morphology, modeling, and production rates for C/2007 N3 (Lulin)
  • August 2018, Issue 41
    Rosetta-centered special issue of A&A • Symposium in celebration of Mike A'Hearn • Further investigation of changes in cometary rotation • Icy grains from the nucleus of comet C/2013 US10 • Solar system science with WFIRST
  • July 2018, Issue 40
    Comets 46P/Wirtanen and 21P/Giacobini-Zinner • Dust modeling and dynamical study of 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak • Optical characteristics of dust at comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) • UV observations of a CME impact at comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko • Implications of small spin changes measured for large Jupiter-family comet nuclei
  • June 2018, Issue 39
    Comet 46P/Wirtanen • Sublimative torques and mass wasting events of Jupiter-family comets • Reactivation and the nucleus of main-belt comet 358P/PANSTARRS (2012 T1) • C/2016 R2 (PANSTARRS): Rich in CO, depleted in HCN.
  • May 2018, Issue 38
    LSST Solar System Science Collaboration • Extended deadline for Physics of Comets After the Rosetta Mission • The excited spin state of 1I/2017 U1 ‘Oumuamua • Far-UV spectroscopy of recent comets with COS • Hyperactivity and dust composition of comet 103P/Hartley 2 • C/2011 W3 (Lovejoy) at 2 to 10 solar radii • Optical spectroscopy of comet 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 1
  • April 2018, Issue 36
    LSST Solar System Science Roadmap • Postdoctoral position on MBCs at MPS • Conference announcement: Physics of comets after the Rosetta mission • Comet Wirtanen campaign • Orbital alignment of MBCs • Evolution of cometary dust to the orbit of the Earth • Water production in comet ISON • Nucleus of asteroidal comet C/2002 CE10 • Strong CO+ and N2+ at comet C/2016 R2 • Isotopic ratios in outbursting comet C/2015 ER61
  • March 2018, Issue 37
    Triggering main belt comet activity through impacts • Finding comet Lexell
  • February 2018, Issue 35
    Observations of planetary objects with non-planetary spacecraft at COSPAR • Rosetta workshop in Rhodes • Call for observations of C/2016 R2 • JWST observations of 88P/Howell and 313P/Gibbs • Science of sungrazers, sunskirters, and other near-sun comets • Rapid decrease in the rotation rate of comet 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresák.
  • January 2018, Issue 34
    First announcement of Rosetta Science Workshop in Rhodes • FUV Spectral Signatures of Molecules and the Evolution of the Gaseous Coma of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko • Hyper-volatiles in a Jupiter-family comet: 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusáková • On the rotation period and shape of the hyperbolic asteroid 1I/‘Oumuamua (2017) U1
  • December 2017, Issue 33
    Molecular abundances in comet C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy) with APEX • Prediscovery observations and orbit of comet C/2017 K2 (PANSTARRS)
  • November 2017, Issue 32
    Main Belt Comets and Ice in the Solar System • Water Production of Nine Long-Period Comets From SOHO/SWAN • Evidence of Sub-surface Energy Storage in Comet 67P From the Outburst of 3 July 2016
  • October 2017, Issue 31
    Solar System science with WFIRST • Post-doc and PhD positions at MPS • Water during planetary formation and evolution conference • BVRI colors of active comets • Stellar occultations by Hale-Bopp • Rotation of comet 49P • Gemini and Lowell observations of 67P • Reflectance of comet dust • Castalia mission to 133P • Polarimetric mapping of comet 67P • Light scattering by hierarchical aggregates • Activity in comet C/2017 K2
  • September 2017, Issue 30
    The Solar System in an Exoplanetary Context • Ground-based Monitoring of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko Gas Activity Throughout the Rosetta Mission • Unusual Apparition of Comet 252P/2000 G1 (LINEAR) and Comparison with Comet P/2016 BA14 (PanSTARRS)
  • August 2017, Issue 29
    Rotation of cometary nuclei • Star-grazing comets around white dwarfs • NEOWISE cometary survey debiasing • Origin and evolution of short-period comets
  • July 2017, Issue 28
    LSST Solar System Science Collaboration • Low-velocity impacts with cometary dust analogs • Software for infrared fluorescence in cometary atmospheres • Limits on gas at MBC P/2012 T1 • Color variations of comet C/2013 UQ4
  • June 2017, Issue 27
    SBAG steering committee • Reactivated comets • Comet Tempel 1 outbursts • Tensile strength of cometary materials • Rosetta mission orbiter science overview
  • May 2017, Issue 26
    Small bodies planetary astronomy Python package • JCMT observations of 252P/LINEAR • Seasonal changes in the coma of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko • Physical and dynamical properties of comet 249P/LINEAR • Destruction of an Oort cloud in a rich stellar cluster
  • April 2017, Issue 25
    Outburst monitoring of 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak • Relativistic precession and Lidov-Kozai oscillations
  • March 2017, Issue 24
    Comet Wirtanen campaign • Planet Formation and Evolution 2017 • 323P/SOHO • Split active asteroid P/2016 J1 • Origins of HNC through ALMA mapping of comet ISON • ALMA studies of inner-coma thermal physics at C/2012 K1 • Ly-α imaging of comet 67P with PROCYON/LAICA • Chemical composition of an extrasolar Kuiper-belt object
  • February 2017, Issue 23
    Non-Gravitational Acceleration of Active Asteroids • Modeling the Nearly Isotropic Comet Population in Anticipation of LSST Observations • Modeling the Evolution of a Comet Subsurface: Implications for 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
  • January 2017, Issue 22
    Rotation state of comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 1 • Disruption of comet ISON • Thermoluminescence of comet solids • The asteroid-comet continuum • Hyperactivity in comet Hartley 2
  • December 2016, Issue 21
    4*P Coma Morphology Campaign • Geologic processes on comets • Water sublimation limits at Themis and Ceres • 20 years of SOHO comets • Mid-infrared spectra of comet nuclei • The 67P observation campaign
  • November 2016, Issue 20
    TRAPPIST North • JWST comet observations • 67P post-doc position • Refereed article abstracts
  • October 2016, Issue 19
    Refereed article abstracts
  • September 2016, Issue 18
    Job advertisement: Post-doctoral position for Rosetta infrared molecular data • Refereed article abstracts • Outburst of 174P/Echeclus
  • August 2016, Issue 17
    Refereed article abstracts • Comet Wirtanen workshop announcement
  • July 2016, Issue 16
    Comets 2016 (Toulouse) - abstracts due • Refereed article abstracts
  • June 2016, Issue 15
    Refereed article abstracts
  • May 2016, Issue 14
    Refereed article abstracts
  • April 2016, Issue 13
    One-year anniversary • Letter to the editor • Conference announcement • Refereed article abstracts
  • March 2016, Issue 12
    Conference announcement • Refereed article abstracts
  • February 2016, Issue 11
    Refereed article abstracts
  • January 2016, Issue 10
    Refereed article abstracts
  • December 2015, Issue 9
    Conference announcements • Refereed article abstracts.
  • November 2015, Issue 8
    Comet C/2013 UQ4 (Catalina) • Refereed article abstracts
  • October 2015, Issue 7
    Refereed article abstracts
  • September 2015, Issue 6
    Refereed article abstracts
  • August 2015, Issue 5
    SBAG cometary science goals • Refereed article abstracts
  • July 2015, Issue 4
    A Martian meteor shower • 252P/LINEAR 12 • Refereed article abstracts
  • June 2015, Issue 3
    Refereed article abstracts.
  • May 2015, Issue 2
    CHagall: A discovery mission proposal • PhD Dissertation: Spectrophotometric analysis of cometary nuclei from in situ observations • Short-term variability of comet c/2012 S1 at 4.8 au • Density and charge of pristine fluffy particles from comet 67P • Imaging polarimetry of comets C/2013 V1 and 290P/Jager • Crater-diameter distribution on comets 9P and 81P and potential meteoroid streams crossing their orbits • Comets as collisional fragments of a primordial planetesimal disk
  • April 2015, Issue 1
    Call for mission summaries • Stardust conference • Refereed article abstracts.